Palawan Butterfly Garden: beauty as well as the Bugs in Puerto Princesa

Palawan Butterfly Garden: beauty as well as the Bugs in Puerto Princesa

Published: April 2011. For a more updated guide, visit: Puerto Princesa travel Guide.

Our flight back to Manila was arranged at 2pm so we still had the entire morning to check out Puerto Princesa City. Again, our original plan was to take the City tour by Casa Linda, which expense P600 per person. That would enable us to check out the city on an air-conditioned van.

But if there’s one thing we discovered by then, it was that tricycle drivers always had a higher offer. when again, we contacted Kuya Ding (09186620495) as well as asked exactly how much would he gather should we select to hire him for the tour. P600, he replied. Wow, that’s so much cheaper. Imagine, instead of paying P600 per person, we would now be paying P600 for the entire trip. who wouldn’t grab that deal? Besides, we might ditch the aircon for a while.

But I realized, the city tour might take hours as well as I kept in mind exactly how uncomfortable it felt sitting behind the driver on the tricycle. We asked Kuya Ding to phone call one more driver since we desired one more trike. That would mean P600 per tricycle as well as since we were a group of 4, we would be charged P300 per person. Still, not poor at all.

At 7:30am, Kuya Ding as well as one more driver arrived. My good friend Astrid as well as I shared a trike as well as my two other good friends climbed into the other. as well as so the city tour begins.

Our very first stop was the Palawan Butterfly Garden. Twenty minutes from the city proper, this butterfly sanctuary lies in the backyard of what seems like an normal house. As displayed at the entrance, the Palawan Butterfly garden “is a personal entity whose aim is to save native butterflies.” It is available to public to ensure that visitors can have better observation on these interesting creatures as well as to assist produce understanding in the conservation of nature.

The location is surrounded by nets as well as screens. There is a P50 entrance fee.  When we visited, the site was still undergoing a major renovation however it didn’t present any type of inconvenience.

Obviously, the location is full of different types of butterflies. It’s much smaller than just Butterfly Conservation center in Bohol or the butterfly garden in Baluarte in Ilocos Sur. However, Palawan Butterfly garden likewise has a few surprises. There are likewise other types of other animals such as walking sticks as well as scorpions.

My take on good friend Astrid letting a Malay giant Scorpion crawl on her arm.
Walking Sticks utilize camouflage to evade predators. great trick!

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