I do not keep in mind whether the bell rang or not however the Red Clock Tower caught my interest as I passed by the Dutch Square. It was already six in the evening, which came as a shock to me. I didn’t recognize that my buddies Ces as well as Astrid as well as I had been walking around Malacca for a number of hours now as well as the sun, which was still burning oh so brilliantly that time, left us disoriented about time. (You see, the sun sets at around 6pm right here in Manila.) We made a decision to cease walking as well as rest for a few minutes at the Square.

The Dutch Square is most likely the most recognizable landmark in Malacca. It harbors a few of the city’s a lot of prominent buildings including Christ Church, the Malacca Art Gallery as well as youth Museum, as well as the Stadthuys, all surrounding the Queen Victoria Fountain as well as the Red Clock Tower. Trees increase from a blanket of red, orange as well as yellow flowers adding a lot more vibrance to the already vibrant plaza. Throughout the day, lots of tourists flock around the Dutch Square trying to have pictures of themselves taken at the square.

Malacca Dutch Square checked out from the window of the Art Gallery

מה מכוסה במדריך זה?

The Tan Beng Swee Clock Tower
Queen Victoria Fountain
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The Tan Beng Swee Clock Tower

More frequently understood as Red Clock Tower, the Tan Beng Swee Clock Tower stands tall at the center of the Dutch Square. While it was named after Chinese billionaire Tan Beng Swee, it was really his son, Tan Jiak Kim, who had this developed in 1886 to meet his father’s promise. Tan Beng Swee was a rich Chinese guy who resided in Malacca as well as was understood for his philanthropy. He contributed the land where the city’s Chinese cemetery now lies as well as the bridge just next to the tower.

The Red Clock Tower at Dutch Square in Malacca
For nearly a century, the clock installed on top of the tower was from England. In 1982, however, it was replaced by a Seiko clock, which was not got well by the older residents of the city as well as triggered an outrage since lots of of them still keep in mind the suffering they experienced when Japan occupied the city decades לִפנֵי.

Queen Victoria Fountain

Although it stands at the center of the Dutch Square, Queen Victoria Fountain is one of the last staying architectural footprints of British policy in Malacca. (The British colonized Malacca after the Dutch.) It was developed in 1901 in honor of Queen Victoria as well as to honor his diamond jubilee. The century-old fountain still functions completely even as much as this day as well as serves as a prominent backdrop for tourists at the Dutch Square.

Queen Victoria Fountain at Dutch Square Malacca
Because of the number of tourists flooding to as well as crowding around Dutch Square, a number of stores are set up within the area. There’s a lane of souvenir shops between the Christ Church as well as the Stadthuys, using a large variety of mementos — from crucial chains to dancing feline toys. A few ice cream stalls are likewise around the area. We truly took pleasure in checking out the products sold at these shops as well as we even gotten a few.

Stores along the alley between Christ Church as well as the Stadthuys
A vacationer taking pictures of Dutch Square
It’s truly hot in Malacca. It was difficult to withstand this! חה חה
Fancy tricycles at night
Malacca’s Dutch Square by night
When the dark swallowed the city, the square stayed a bright area as the fountain, the clock tower, as well as the facade of the surrounding buildings were illuminated artificially. even the heavily embellished tricycles turned into a celebration of lights on wheels, a captivating touch. When all of us agreed that it was time to step on, we trod towards the terminal of the River Cruise. looking back as I walked away, I saw that crowds continued to gather around the area as well as discovered just exactly how irresistible the Dutch Square truly is.

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