The huge Reveal…Where Are We Going Next?!

The huge Reveal…Where Are We Going Next?!

Somehow, our two as well as a half months in Mexico as well as Belize have come to an end as well as we’re shocked that we fly out on April 1st, tomorrow! Over the past few months, we’ve been providing you bit hints as well as discussing that we’re going somewhere great for our very first pet-sitting task with trusted home Sitters. Our subscribers were the very first to know, however now it’s time to tell the world where we’re off to!

“איפה?” אתה שואל…

We’ve landed the utmost dream task on the Caribbean Island of Grenada!

Wondering where Grenada is?
We were sitting in the courtyard of our hotel in Shiraz, Iran when the email came through. We wished to shout “YES!” with our computer when we checked out that we were asked to find to Grenada, a location we had been speaking about checking out for a long time. Our stomachs fluttered as well as our hands shook as we composed back the house owner. She desired us to take care of her cherished pooch while she leaves on holiday.

We were both so ecstatic that I believe we came off a bit bit as well anxious. We stated a great deal of things like “can you confirm?”, “we’re waiting on your response”, etc. Which may be a turn-off for a prospective house owner, particularly one who lives on a extremely slow-paced, chilled-out island in the Caribbean.

Luckily for us, after some back as well as forth emails, she agreed that we were the best candidates to take care of her pup!

Typically with home sitting jobs, you take care of a pet in addition to a home. In this case, the house owners have a resort with 5 cottages ideal on the beach. instead of taking care of their house, we will be provided our own personal cottage with kitchen! The owners are likewise supplying us with a vehicle, kayak, peddleboat as well as snorkel gear.

Can’t wait to do some snorkelling as well as kayaking in Grenada!
Our tasks include: loving as well as walking the dog, Spare, bringing our garbage cans as much as the top of the hill for garbage day as well as doing some extremely light gardening near the house. Of course, we will be working on our web site while we’re there. It’ll be the best break from travelling around as well as we must be able to get great deals of work done.

Meet Spare! Our furry buddy for the next while

This task is a bit different from a lot of since we are doing a split-shift. We sit from April 1 – June 9, then have 7 weeks off, as well as are back from July 29 – November 3 (ish)

We’re still not sure what we’ll do during our 1.5 month break, however we’ll either stay on the island or potentially go somewhere in central America.

Where do you believe we must go on our “break”?

The enjoyment is just oozing from our pores as well as we can’t wait to get to the island, satisfy our new furry buddy as well as see our house for the next bit while. We’re both looking ahead to unpacking – something that we haven’t performed in about 9 months.

Our space in Belize. We can’t wait to have a location to put all of this stuff!
Stick around for tons of stories from this excellent island, info about home sitting, as well as of course, photos as well as articles about our new house as well as four-legged companion, Spare!


As usual, there’s about a 4 week delay in publication on this website, as we are trying to get all caught up on our journey with Mexico as well as Belize. To keep present with what we’re up to, make sure to comply with our Facebook Page and  Twitter Page. 

Have you ever been to Grenada? any type of ideas for us? show us below!

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